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Human Resource Services

When it comes to maintaining employees, the laws, mandatory insurances and the filing requirements of IRAS have made the HR function a more time consuming role for the business owners. We offer HR solutions that meet your business's needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best - running and growing your company.

Our HR services can save you time and money

Outsource your HR function can save you money. It reduces overheads by removing the need to hire specialized employees to handle the legal requirements of handling payroll and staff maintenance.

By utilizing our HR services, you will save yourself time and energy that you can devote to generate more income and driving more sales to your business.

What we offer

We will provide you with monthly employee registers, payroll services, insurance claims, process MINDEF claims for staff reservist, and more. We will also provide taxation services relating to employees as required by IRAS, for example Form IR8A / IR8S.


Best of all, our HR services are priced reasonably and affordable to fit your business budget.

Human resource services

  • Maintain employee payroll and insurance records

  • Salary and CPF calculation and payment

  • Process MINDEF claims for employee reservist

  • Various forms local and foreigner personal tax filings

  • Applications for E-Pass/S-Pass/Work Permit​

Employee taxes that are required by IRAS

  • Form IR8A / IR8S

  • Appendix 8A / 8B

  • Individual income tax

We will calculate all payments to CPF/MOM, which consists of the following:

  • Employee's share of CPF

  • Employer's share of CPF

  • Self-help Group which consists of the following:

    • MBMF

    • SINDA

    • CDAC

    • ECF

  • Skills development levy

  • Foreign worker levy


1) What does your $20 per month monthly payroll fees include?

Ans: It includes the following:

  • Preparation of Form IR8A per employee

  • Form IR8S if you contribute excess CPF to your employee

  • CPF and tax filings

  • Payroll calculation, such as employee take home pay, CPF and SDL calculation

  • Payslip per employee

  • Maintaining employee's records such as reimbursements and claims, leave and insurance records

Payroll Services Fees

Our fees start from SGD 20 per employee per month, with no minimum number of employee.

Payroll service includes preparation of IR8A / IR8S form, maintaining of employee's records, employee's insurance records, calculation of salary and CPF.

Add-on services for the preparation of the following:

Human Resource Services Fees

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